How It Works

We will ask you a series of questions on call, allowing us to assess your case. A member of staff will then be assigned to your case and help you.


Assess Your Case

We provide a free consultation, where we assess your case. We will answer any questions you have, and we will help you decide the best approach to reclaim your money.


Research and Investigation

We will advise you on what information you need to provide, so we are able to create a strong case. We will do significant and robust research to strengthen your case, and we will help you approach different financial companies to reclaim your money.


Contact with your Local Law Enforcement

Once Cybercrimes are reported to the local Law Enforcement Agency, a Case Officer is usually assigned. We will work with them directly, which enables us to work as a team to resolve your case. Working with Law Enforcement increases the chances for a positive outcome to your case.


Help You Claim Your Money

We will help and guide you through every necessary process to get your money back.

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