Services we offer

1. Short Course: How to avoid manipulative schemes and false advertisements

The client will be assigned an agent who will give them 2 hours of personal training and material that teaches them how to avoid future manipulative schemes.

2. Crypto Tracing

This service will provide the client with a detailed location of their stolen funds.


3. Dispute Consultancy

An agent will advise the client on how to approach financial institutions, and what evidence is needed in order to make a claim.

4. Half Dispute

The case manager will provide the client with the needed services to make a claim, with the exception of crypto tracing.

5. Full Dispute

Full Dispute includes everything from the prior services mentioned, and we will be by your side until you recover the funds.

6. Company Information and Internet Fingerprinting

We will provide the client with information regarding the scam website. This will allow the clients’ police to track the scammers and locate the stolen funds. The Full Dispute (service number 5) is included in this service.

7. Legal Assistance

When the clients’ contract has expired, this service will be available to them. Our legal team will help the client sue financial organisations involved in the scam.

8. Therapy

Once a week session minimum 3 months – billed all at once.

How we differ from other recovery companies

It has been observed that certain entities in the industry providing similar services demand a large fee or a significant percentage of the total amount lost upfront. This approach is taken to further exploiting vulnerable victims who have already suffered significant losses. Furthermore, such entities falsely advertise a 100% recovery or moneyback guarantee on their website. It is regrettable to witness the exploitation of victims by making hollow promises. 

In contrast, our organization works on a No Win No Fee Dispute Resolution contingency. The majority of the funds are directed towards the programs we utilize and ensuring that our clients receive exceptional service. We are receptive to feedback and aim to enhance our services accordingly. We encourage you to reach out to us if you have any queries.

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